I woke up like this is a space devoted to sharing my ongoing racial reconciliation journey. the ways my worldview has been challenged. the ways my heart has been broken. the ways i've stopped "doing nothing."

All or Nothing

Lately, it seems every conversation I have somehow gets to the question, "So, what's going on with your blog? Have you posted recently?" 

My go-to response is a layer of excuses: "I've been really busy this season"—true—or "My domain keeps shutting down"—annoyingly true. But when I actually looked at my last blog post and realized it was written six months ago, those excuses feel like they might not go deep enough to explain what's really going on—I am a binger, an "all-or-nothing"-type person.

I want to write every blog post at once and share every idea; I want to have every workout in one; I want to neglect my closet for a month and then make one big dramatic reveal to my husband.

I love the thrill of dramatic before-and-afters, of the adrenaline that kicks in when you check something off a list.

But what I’m learning is that when my philosophy is "all or nothing," I'm so overwhelmed by the "all" that I often choose the "nothing." I create less, and when I do create, there’s guilt and shame that it isn't happening more, instead of celebrating that I have something to say and to share.

So today, I write one thing. It's not all, and it's not nothing. But it is something.

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Whole-y Week

Whole-y Week